Do I need a Health Care Proxy?

WHAT IS A HEALTH CARE PROXY? A Health Care Proxy is a legally binding document, which allows another person, selected by you, to be your Agent and make medical or health care decisions when you are [...]

Durable Power of Attorney

WHAT IS A DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY? This document will ensure that your financial affairs continue to be managed, by someone you trust in the event you are incapacitated. The term “Durable” means that the Power [...]

Technology for Seniors

Leveraging Tech to Ease the Angst During the Prolonged Lockdown and After Communication Devices Elders Are Using to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends Download PDF When will the lockdown end for those receiving residential [...]

What to Pack in a Pandemic

BE PREPARED AND PACK AN EMERGENCY BAG download PDF > Everyone should be ready in the event you need care in a hospital, nursing home or assisted living. Once admitted, they are not letting families in [...]

Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

The goal of estate planning is to provide for the management and transfer of your property, in the event of incapacity or death, at the smallest financial and emotional cost to your family. Protecting Your Assets [...]

Understanding Revocable Trusts

How to protect your estate and heirs A revocable trust is a document by which ownership of property and assets are transferred into a trust throughout the lifetime of the grantor. It can operate as a [...]

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